Library: New Canaan’s Interest in Nontraditional Medicines, Disciplines ‘Surprisingly Strong’



Town residents’ response to a nontraditional medicine program running Thursday at New Canaan Library has been very strong, even surprisingly so, the staff at the community facility said.

Joceyln Glatthorn of New Canaan Library. Credit: Michael Dinan

Joceyln Glatthorn of New Canaan Library. Credit: Michael Dinan

The library’s Jocelyn Glatthorn said New Canaanites have “expressed strong interest in all aspects of holistic, nontraditional and naturopathic medicines and disciplines.”

From 12 to 3 p.m., the library’s Lamb Room will host “The Spa Fair: Wellness, Mind and Body,” a free event with more than 20 vendors—including Green & Tonic, Teresa Nilla Reflexology, Lisa Corrado Nutrition, Oxygen Fitness, Canaan Olive Oil and Cherry Street Salon.

Asked what prompted the event’s creation, Glatthorn said, “I just decided it would be beneficial to the community to consider other resources in New Canaan beyond western medicine per se, something about organic and holistic.”

The Spa Fair will feature organic juicing, solutions for your life and Reiki, among other products and practices, she said.

It marks the last in a series of programs on wellness, mind and body that ran through the winter, according to Susan LaPerla, the library’s programming director. At each stage, townies have responded well to the series, she said.

For example, 170 people turned out in 8-degree cold when Dr. Peter D’adamo came to discuss his book “Eat Right for Your Type,” and 50 turned up for Yale-trained physician Dr. Steve Philips’ talk on Lyme Disease testing and treatments, LaPerla said.

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