Local Businesses and COVID-19: Gelatissimo Artisan Gelato


Gelato from Gelatissimo Artisan Gelato on Forest Street, open 1 to 8 p.m. every day except Monday.

For today’s Q&A with a local business, we interviewed Gelatissimo Artisan Gelato owner Nuccia Mazzonetto. The Forest Street shop is open 1 to 8 p.m. every day except Monday.

From Gelatissimo. Photo courtesy of Nuccia Mazzonetto

Here’s our interview.

How are you doing there?

OK. I have a lot of support from the town. I cannot thank enough New Canaan and even Darien and Westport, but New Canaan really supports me a lot so I’m doing OK. I am ok. It’s also the weather, of course it’s cold. People come in and get food and if they order and see I’m open—I try to advertise on Instagram and Facebook.

What’s your sense at this point—will you be able to outlast the crisis?

I think I am going to get through. I have some expenses but probably not as many [as others]. The kids that work here are local kids, high school kids, so I try to have one working with me to stay in business. But the expectations is to survive, to stay open and actually not for me but to give thanks for the town. I see people want to cheer up. I’m here almost 15 years. I know the customers. I know the kids. So it’s not only survive business-wise. People say they’re glad we are still here. To see them cheerful, waving at us—it’s not just business, it’s everything to be part of the community. 

Inside Gelatissimo. Photo courtesy of Nuccia Mazzonetto

What are your best-selling items?

The classic mint chocolate chip and vanilla chocolate, those are the best ones always, even at this time.

What is your message for customers?

First of all to stay safe. To be positive. I know it’s discouraging. It’s discouraging for myself too. I think we miss the regular human contact. I really miss the kids running around. So probably everybody is missing their normal life. But I se the community is helping each other and supporting each other. We better keep doing it this way, with all the precautions andto be safe, and respect each other in this way.

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  1. Michael, thank you so much for doing this series of interviews with our local merchants. We care about them, and want them to survive through this crisis. It is inspiring to hear how each is doing, and we encourage them in their perseverance against unbelievable odds. God bless them all.

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