Louie the Bernese Mountain Dog: A Puppy at Heart


In this installment of “New Canine-ites,” featuring profiles of local dogs, we speak to town resident Bella Doré about Louie, an instantly lovable Bernese Mountain Dog.

Louie Doré. Credit: Bella Doré.

Passing him mid-walk playing in his yard, it was impossible not to fall in love with Louie, who is essentially an enormous puppy.

“Louie is definitely very loving,” Doré said. “He will do anything and everything he can to be as humanly close to you as possible. If you’re sitting down he will jump up and give you a hug—literally.”

Louie Doré. Credit: Bella Doré

Louie is the newest member of the Doré family, who recently moved to New Canaan from Waccabuc, New York. He has two siblings; Roxy, a 5-year-old rescue from Roar Shelter in Ridgefield, and Sky, an 8-year-old golden retriever. Bella, who just graduated from high school, lives with her parents and her younger sister.

“In our house he isn’t a dog, he’s the biggest puppy of all time—minus the accidents,” Doré said. To keep him growing big and strong into adulthood, he enjoys Wellness Pet Food- both dry and wet.

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