Mallozzi on Post Office’s Location: ‘A Terrible Inconvenience’


Though it’s far from clear just where the Post Office will land in the long term, it’s critical that the facility move somewhere other than where it is, New Canaan’s highest elected official said.

First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said he’s in contact with the U.S. Postal Service every two weeks and regularly receives updates from Realtors assigned to finding the new location.

Since last fall, officials have talked to property owners on Pine, Cherry, Vitti and most recently Forest Streets, but nothing has materialized, Mallozzi said.

“To me the most important thing is that the Post Office finds a permanent location and vacated the Main Street location which I think has been a terrible inconvenience,” Mallozzi told “I am looking for a favorable placement of the Post Office that is conducive to walk-in-traffic, parking and the public. Those are things we’re not getting out of the current location on Main Street.”

Established at 90 Main St. after living partly in temporary quarters after Mrs. Green’s moved into its longtime home at Park and Pine Streets, the Post Office has complicated the parking and traffic situation on an already-complicated block and intersection in town.

2 thoughts on “Mallozzi on Post Office’s Location: ‘A Terrible Inconvenience’

  1. George, I asked about that building/location and—though I have been unable to connect with its owner, Cecilia Sandoval—I understand from town officials that the Post Office looked at it and it’s just not the right layout for them. For example, all the square footage for that building is upstairs, whereas the Post Office needs far more downstairs and even below-ground space for distribution and sorting. In addition, I heard back from Bank of America that they have an active lease on the building.

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