New Canaan DPW Leaf Collection To Start Oct. 27


Public works official have set Oct. 27 as the start date for curbside leaf collection at homes in areas of town zoned for building lots of one acre or less.

Homeowners are asked to rake leaves to the curb for collection—not putting them in plastic bags or mixing them with brush or debris.

According to a bulletin from the New Canaan Department of Public Works, the leaves are recycled into garden compost “so they must be free of foreign matter.”

“Debris or sticks will clog the vacuum trucks causing breakdowns and delays,” said a press release from DPW. “Leaves must be in a windrow, not in a pile.”

Residents in the 2- or 4-acre zones of town must compost the leaves on their own property—vacuum trucks will not collect in those areas, officials say.

“Yard maintenance contractors must have proper forms (available at Highway Department office) signed by New Canaan residents before they can dispose of leaves at the composting area, located across from the Waveny entrance on Lapham Road,” the DPW says. “Residents may also deposit their leaves at that location. It is important to note that Contractors will be screened to be sure that the leaves originate in New Canaan. Anyone found violating this policy will be suspended from using the facility for an appropriate period of time as determined by the Director of Public Works.”

Composted material is usually made available to local residents for use in their gardens to enrich their soil, the following spring.

The composting site will be opened daily from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. during normal working days (call 594-3704 for more specific information). Leaves may be raked to curbside until Monday, Nov. 24 Leaves put out after that date will not be collected by the Highway Department, however the leaf composting site will be available through Friday, Dec. 5

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