‘O Jogo Bonito’ Uplifts Players and Parents as NCFC ’06-’07 Boys Start the Season 4-0

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Sports can be such a wonderful distraction.  And in times like these we all need something beautiful, to take our collective and individual minds off of our concerns and worries, and to remind us that, yes—there is joy in this world. 

NCFC ’06-’07 Boys on the field. Photo courtesy of Ed Ho

We pause to take in the simplest gift that nature has bestowed on us these past four weekends—one pictured at right. The glorious sun beaming over the leafy trees as they begin to change over to their autumnal shades. The greenest of natural grass laid out like a carpet for young boys to meet and play, as Pele made famous, “the beautiful game.” The vigor of our youth, cheered on for a taste of the valor and glory of sport. So simple, so wonderful, so beautiful.

NCFC ’06-’07 Boys. Photo courtesy of Ed Ho

So, please let me take a stab—at something really beautiful that our boys have given us these past four weeks in their victories…not a highlight of goals scored, or a recounting of how they won the games, but instead my adaptation of Frank Sinatra’s “You Can’t take that Away From Me” (play it while reading, embed below):


There are many many crazy things that will keep us cheering for you
And with your permission, may I list a few?
Coach Meaghan– the way you wear your hat,
Oliver Sturn, Ben Bognon—the way you stop those free…
The memory of ALL THAT
No, No they can’t take that away from me…
Will Arnold, Rogan Lowe—the way your kick just beams,
Teddy Ansaldi, Ollie Carr, Harry Cullen—the way you pass so key.
Dylans Rees and Ho and Snell – the way you play, such dreams!
No, No they can’t take that away from me
We may never never play again on that bumpy field at Saxe;
Still I’ll always always keep the memories of…
Ola Dirdal and Luke Zinczenko – the way you hold the line,
Do do do do do do!!
Parker Della Bitta, Brooks Wunderlich – the way you scored at least three!
Will Hayes and Rohan Shenoy – the way you give this team such life….
No No they can’t take that away from me,
No they can’t take that away from me…

Thank you, boys—we cherish these moments more than words can express.

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