16 thoughts on “Officials: Some New Canaan Parents Advocating ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell’ COVID-19 Policy

  1. While I believe in testing, this virus is here to stay. Also, omicron and it’s variants are able to overcome vaccinations and boosters are not as effective as they used to be. I think parents should voluntarily pull their kids out of school, just like they would do with the flu. There is no need for a Covid-19 protocol of testing, tracking, quarantine, etc. unless a new and much more dangerous variant emerges.

  2. C’est la Vie ? For too many Americans across the country the saying is more closely to C’est la Mort – that is death.

    Why is it so hard for people to understand it is not just about you, your child but about the teacher, the community at large.
    I am stunned and agape at the level of psychopathic narcissism and epic selfishness these ‘parents’ are communicating.

    • Amen! Well said! It’s about others, the ones you are supposed to love, respect, your neighbors, your community … I work within the school system and I can honestly say … I am shocked at the total disregard for the safety of myself as well as the rest of the staff! Shame on you!

  3. Thank you for giving this attention. It’s so irresponsible on a community level, and it’s astonishing that the town is no longer reporting the weekly numbers in their texts and emails. So many people have no idea how high our town’s positive cases are – and they are just the known cases – we have no idea how many people have tested positive at home and haven’t reported, so the numbers are surely much higher. There are many vulnerable people in our community, as well as young children and babies who aren’t yet vaccinated. We should also remember that we don’t know anything about potential long-term effects of Covid. The carelessness is unbelievable.

    • I think most of us have moved on. We have been vaccinated or had COVID or both. We know that COVID is pretty harmless to most people and want to get on with our lives. I am tired of having people who do not understand risk or science telling everyone what to do. If you don’t like it, you can wear a K95 mask or stay home.

      • How interesting that we share in common a frustration with people who don’t understand risk or science telling others what to do. We actually don’t know anything about Covid’s potential long-term effects, even for those who have mild cases. It’s not at all uncommon for viruses to have knock-on effects years later. And with at least a million people in this country having died over the course of two years from this virus, it’s extraordinary that anyone would label it harmless. Also, this article is about a deliberate agenda among some people to conceal from a others a potentially deadly outcome from contact with them. Our kids have to go to school. Many workers have to go to work. And many of those kids and workers are more vulnerable than others. Although, really, even in the case of people who don’t *have to go anywhere, saying those who are more vulnerable (or following the science closely enough to know there have already been longer term debilitating effects of Covid for many) should just continue staying home so that others can be relieved of the simplest courtesy and decency of not intentionally harming others by concealing and continuing to spread a virus that has been deadly for many, is something I’m relieved to still find shocking and ghastly.

    • Agreed! Many of us immunocompromised people have had no other choice to stay at home or limit where we go and wear masks. Disappointed the Town of New Canaan has taken such a casual attitude in reporting the numbers, totally irresponsible!
      And annoyed that a vocal minority of moms dictate our Town’s response to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! Really?

  4. This “Me First” movement that has emerged over the course of the pandemic is very discouraging. There’s no point in trying to talk sense into those who seem to have abandoned their senses of community and responsibility. I’m grateful that the majority of us still think not just of ourselves but of the greater good.

    • Could it be that the “me first” is you? To expect the overwhelming majority of citizens, who are vaccinated, and at low risk of serious complications from Covid to begin with, to compromise their lifestyle for the unfortunate few who are immunocompromised, or have pre-existing conditions, is precisely the moment when civilization begins to break down. The “greater good” is the opposite of special interests and minority rule.

      • The answer to your question is no. When we were caveman and didn’t have science or technology or basic morals, that may have been true. Not now.

  5. The time of the neanderthals had its benefits, namely, the absence of social media and fearmongering.

    A recent poll revealed that 41% of one of the political parties in America believe that more than HALF of the people who are infected with Covid-19, or its variants, require hospitalization. The correct answer? Less than 5% require hospitalization.

    Forgive some of us for being skeptical when people appeal to “the science” as a static authority.

    • Oh, in that case it is fine to hide your kid’s positive Covid test and send them to their lacrosse game! Only a 1 in 20 chance that whoever they infect will end up in the hospital…

      • I’m not saying that at all Michael. If your child has the virus, they should stay home. My point is simple–let’s not exaggerate the risk of severe illness among otherwise healthy, vaccinated people. Those segments of the population which have higher risk factors are free to take extra precautions.

  6. What does that one bad popular poll in which the subjects misunderstood the epidemiology have to do with the sanctity of science itself? If a kid fails in math quiz, does that deligitimize math in your mind?
    Anyway, you turned a potentially interesting debate about societal ethics and obligations into a game of whack-a-mole. You’re why I quit Facebook. Over and out.

    • What the poll reveals is that many people who claim the moral high ground by appealing to “the sanctity of science” are often the same people who are badly in error about the statistical realities.

      Sorry for upsetting you Larry. Maybe we can resolve our differences on Twitter later.

  7. Would you send your children to school with chickenpox, measles, or the flu? No. So why there’s even a question about whether it’s ok to send kids to school with COVID escapes me. If you think that’s ok because someone on TV told you COVID is somehow benign, I suggest changing the channel to tune out whatever misinformation you’ve been consuming.

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