PHOTOS: Caffeine & Carburetors Returns to Downtown New Canaan


C&C—Sept. 17, 2023 (Credit: Michael Dinan)

Thousands of classic and specialty auto enthusiasts visited downtown New Canaan on Sunday morning for the hugely popular Caffeine & Carburetors car show.

Founded and run by New Canaan’s Doug Zumbach, owner of the eponymous coffee shop at Pine and Grove Streets, the three-hour event included a new rule this time around, where those showing their vehicles were required to stay to the end of the show.

“People seem to be abiding by the new directive—there are a lot of good questions about it, some people have come and turned around because they do want to leave a little earlier,” Zumbach told as police, volunteers and the Community Emergency Response Team or “CERT” directed pedestrians and motorists safely across Park Street on a clear, cool morning. 

“The show is going very well,” Zumbach said. “Very organized, civil. So it seems to be working out nicely.”

Held on all-pedestrian stretches of Pine and Elm Streets, Caffeine & Carburetors featured about 1,500 show cars, Zumbach said.

One of the popular event’s long-term sponsors, Bankwell, set up an informational tent near New Canaan’s favorite coffee shop—Zumbach’s Gourmet Coffee, where the line of customers ran outside and into the parking lot. 

“We’re right on Cherry Street and we always support the community of New Canaan and the surrounding area,” Bankwell Branch Manager Bill Lindsay said. “So we’re just happy to be out here and grateful for the opportunity to come out and see everybody that showed up and enjoy the beautiful cars, get to know people. Let people know that Bankwell is here. We’re here for all your needs. You need anything, come see us.”

The final C&C of the year is scheduled to be held Sunday, Oct. 22 in Waveny.

3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Caffeine & Carburetors Returns to Downtown New Canaan

  1. This is a fantastic event for anyone car buff or just a family outside for a Sunday morning . I am an automotive designer in Cos Cob and love the drive up the Merritt Parkway to the New Canaan exit and then enjoy the friendly nature of the crowd and the fantastic showing of cars by owners all being welcome . Great job organizing the show cars and plenty of places to park for attendees . looking forward to October in Waveny Park , Frank from Cos Cob ,Ct. 🚘

  2. As someone who lived in New Canaan for many years, my experience is that you could make the same video any day of the week with the same results when it comes to speed. I used to walk up Elm to Weed and over to Irwin Park on a daily basis and the idea that people are driving the speed limit on Weed street is laughable. These are people who live in New Canaan. I no longer live in town but I think the town owes Doug Zumbach a big thank you for creating an event that overall, is one of the family friendly highlights of the season for most of the town.

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