PHOTOS: Thousands Attend First ‘Caffeine & Carburetors’ of 2023


Caffeine & Carburetors—May 21, 2023

Droves of car enthusiasts hit downtown New Canaan on Sunday for the first Caffeine & Carburetors show of 2023. Classic and specialty autos lined Pine and Elm Streets, and abutting lots, for three hours on a clear, crisp morning.

C&C founder Doug Zumbach, a town resident and owner of the eponymous coffee shop at Pine and Grove Streets, estimated 1,500 show cars and an additional 1,500 spectator cars. Police, Zumbach’s volunteers and members of the New Canaan Community Emergency Response Team, or “CERT,” helped direct pedestrians and drivers to ensure safety.

“The weather cleared out for us,” Zumbach said as attendees ogled and photographed the antique and high-end cars and motorcycles parked along Pine Street. “I think we’re at capacity. The commuter lot is full, Elm Street full, Morse Court full, Pine Street full. We just thank everyone for coming.”

There are two more Caffeine & Carburetor shows scheduled for 2023—Sept. 17 downtown and Oct. 22 at Waveny.

Sponsors include Bankwell and Brown Harris Stevens.

6 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Thousands Attend First ‘Caffeine & Carburetors’ of 2023

  1. Michael,
    Thank you for the terrific photos of Caffeine and Carburetors. We couldn’t attend due to a grandson’s birthday party in Boston, but your shots captured the event as if we were there. One request – would it be possible for you to jot down the make (and model?) of the principal car in the photo so we’d know what we’re looking at? Some of the cars are so rare that I don’t recognize the badge and would love to know what I’m looking at.
    Thanks again,

    • And your comment started out so nice lol. How about this, if there’s a very unusual-looking car where the logo or what have you is not apparent from the photo, I will try to ask the owner or another knowledgeable person what it is and jot that down in the caption.

  2. Sorry to rain on the Caffeine & Carburetors parade, but the noise created by the attending vehicles and their drivers as they high-revved their way on every street within a mile radius of downtown New Canaan shattered the quiet of what was an otherwise beautiful Sunday morning. As much as I am in favor of bringing more commerce to New Canaan, if the drivers insist on convoying through Town and accelerating very rapidly from traffic signals as they did Sunday, I would not support future events.

  3. That’s my little red 1963 Mercury comet s22 convertible.. Was very pleased to be displayed front and center with all the classic exotic and high performance cars featured at caffeine and carburetors…

  4. The speeds on Old Stamford Road between Orchard Drive and Mead Park / Bird Sanctuary topped 50mph+, posted speed limits are 25 mph or 30 mph. While the overall event is enjoyable and interesting, there is an utter disregard by incoming visitors/exhibitors for the family neighborhoods they drive through.

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