11 thoughts on “Podcast: Board of Ed Candidate Lauren Connolly Nussbaum

  1. It is of course no surprise to all that know Lauren to hear her thoughtful, prepared and informed responses. Pitch perfect! We are so fortunate Lauren is stepping up to this challenge!

  2. Lauren is an absolute gift to New Canaan. I originally met Lauren through the YWL, but then down the road realized that if you needed a volunteer for any organization she was there. If you needed a coach for any sport, she raises her hand. Not only do you see her at the BOE meetings as the South liaison for the PTC, but if there’s a fall festival, walk to school day, a field day…. She’s taken on a job. Only in the last 5 years I’ve gotten to know her as a friend too. She is hilarious and compassionate. She will be there for anyone (friend or stranger). Lauren has so much empathy and focus on helping others. Not to mention she has 3 very different daughters (you name it: baseball, basketball, the Nutcracker, the town play, etc..) and they are each there each their own personality nurtured by supportive parents. And as a fellow IEP mom she has shown me that my child is in great hands in this school (especially those days you worry sick if your child will make it in the world when they are wired a little differently) and it literally takes a village and aren’t we lucky to call our village New Canaan. I cannot think of a more qualified and better champion for our schools than Lauren.

  3. I have known Lauren since she moved to New Canaan and it would be in ALL our BEST interest for this amazing woman to support our children’s education. Vote for NUSS!

  4. We are so lucky to have Lauren running for this very important position. Lauren is dedicated, authentic, thoughtful, passionate and perhaps most importantly prepared for this. She truly has the best interests of our students as the priority.

  5. I can’t think of anyone who has been more involved in all aspects of our schools and community than Lauren Nussbaum. Lauren truly does everything – and does it all so well. She has been a BOE representative, coaches youth sports, and is constantly finding ways to give back to our community organizations. Lauren is exactly who New Canaan needs on our BOE. Experienced leader who understands our community.

  6. Lauren is an absolute gift to anyone lucky enough to call her as a friend or who has worked with her in her myriad of service efforts in dedication to our town. This interview shows her depth of knowledge on the critical issues facing the BOE and what the job of being a BOE member entails. More importantly, she is motivated to serve for all the right reasons – to put New Canaan kids first above any outside distractions. New Canaan will be even better when Lauren is elected!

  7. Anyone who has met Lauren knows that one of her greatest strengths is her inclusivity. She has time for everyone and everything. I think the busier she gets, the more she achieves. But she still finds time to quietly support a friend in need, mentor a parent with a newly diagnosed special needs child, pitch in for literally any volunteer opportunity and be an amazing mother to her three wonderful girls. Lauren will give her all to this job too and she will do it for the benefit of every child in our schools.

  8. I found this interview to be one of the most thoughtful, inspiring and important moments of my thirty-plus years living in New Canaan. As the half hour of listening progressed, I felt goosebumps. As someone who has spent those decades deeply engaged in New Canaan’s civic life across issues and demographics – among them health, education, religion, arts and yes, politics – I don’t say this lightly. This interview is a must-listen.

    I’m an empty nester who still cares deeply about our school system, not simply for real estate values, but out of concern for how we are preparing the world for generations to come. Lauren’s vision, approach, intellect and compassion are what New Canaan needs now, more than ever.

  9. Wow. Lauren’s interview encapsulates what it means to be gracious, thoughtful, intelligent, self-aware and, most importantly, a beacon of knowledge on the skills and attitudes that create great leaders. She is everywhere in New Canaan – attending BOE meetings, sharing updates with the PTC, coaching sports, creating programs to support the community, mentoring families of children with special needs, and making people smile with her warmth and positivity. Lauren, I’m so excited that you’re running for the BOE! New Canaan is truly blessed by your selfless desire to create a better community for everyone who lives here.

  10. This is a must-listen for everyone in New Canaan (and beyond, frankly). Lauren articulates so well what it means to collaborate for the greater good. I have had the privilege to volunteer with her in several different capacities — she really pitches in for everything and is always hard-working, wise, and an absolute joy — but I was blown away listening to her speak with Mike. She is exactly what New Canaan needs.

  11. What an enlightening interview, thank you, Mike. Lauren is an inspiration. She is not only deeply knowledgeable and articulate about how the BOE operates after being at every meeting for the last 2 years, but she’s also dedicated to listening, understanding, and cultivating an inclusive space for civil discourse. All while being guided by her north star of public service. She is a breath of fresh air and an ideal candidate.

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