Police Chief: Halloween Safety in New Canaan


Halloween is a fun holiday for kids, but can be a worrisome one for parents. To ensure that Halloween in our Town is as safe as possible all parents and children should follow the below safety recommendations.

Candy Safety

  • Have a grown-up inspect your treats before eating.
  • If you think candy has been tampered with contact our department at 203-594-3500.
  • Never eat candy when the package is already opened-if unsure, throw the candy out.

Costume Safety

  • Costumes should be bright colors (avoid black) and include reflective material that increases visibility.
  • Costumes should be loose so warm clothing can be layered underneath.
  • Costume accessories, for example swords and axes, should be made out of flexible materials such as cardboard or rubber. NEVER use the real thing!
  • If wearing a mask, it should have nose and mouth openings and large eyeholes.
  • Masks can obstruct your vision. Consider face paint or make-up as an alternative.

Safety While Trick or Treating

  • Accept treats at the door. NEVER enter a stranger’s house
  • Be cautious around animals and strangers.
  • Be visible and use reflective tape, flashlights and glow sticks.
  • Carry a flashlight to light your way.
  • Cross only at the corners. Don’t hide or cross the street between parked cars.
  • Keep away from open fires and candles.
  • Look both ways to check for cars before crossing the street.
  • Only visit homes that have a porch light on.
  • Plan your route and share it with your family.
  • Travel in groups-adults should be with younger children.
  • Use sidewalks whenever possible.
  • Walk from house to house. Do not run or cut across yards where there may be unknown tripping hazards.
  • Walk on the left side of the road facing traffic if there are no sidewalks available.
The crashed witch "Matilda" is back out front of NCPD as a reminder not to text and drive.

The crashed witch “Matilda” is back out front of NCPD as a reminder not to text and drive.

One Text or Call Can Wreck it All: Hang-up & Drive! With kids trick-or-treating and dark road conditions, it is especially important to drive distraction-free. Look what happened to Matilda the Witch right in front of Police Headquarters!

Our officers are ready to assist children if they become lost, scared, hurt, or in need of assistance. Call 911 for an emergency or 203-594-3500 for routine assistance.

Don’t forget to put Police Headquarters on your trick-or-treat route-candy and other goodies will be handed out on a first come, first served basis.

Be better informed, connected, and send anonymous tips to our Department by downloading the “MYPD” application in the iPhone or Android marketplace. After downloading the application search for “New Canaan” and get connected.

Follow us on Twitter@newcanaanpolice for crime alerts & tips.

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