8 thoughts on “Police: Fining, Charging Those Violating Order on Closed Parks ‘An Absolute Last Resort’

  1. Waveny Park is our greatest asset. What other Fairfield County town has 220 acres available for public use?
    Closing Waveny has not reduced social/physical distancing. New Canaan residents are still getting outside. The in-town sidewalks are now packed. People are literally driving to town to use them!
    Seems like this is precisely the time residents should have access to Waveny’s magnificent wide trails and open spaces.

    • Totally agree that closing Waveny is a mistake. It’s a much safer alternative to a crowded food market or sidewalks. People are not going to stay locked in their homes. Getting some safe fresh air now that winter is gone is a good thing and it’s easier to keep a safe distance there.

  2. I passed 70 people out walking and running when I was out last week for a 45 minute run, with the bulk on Oenoke and South Ave. I had to swerve into the road multiple times to properly socially distance and used the shoulder of the road for most of my run, which is not ideal from a safety perspective. I believe this is the unfortunate unintended consequence of the decision to close walking trails/ paths. This weekend while driving out of town (for a hike with my family) I passed dozens of runners on the road and a number of families walking on the road (some with young children). Prior to the closure of walking trails/ paths there were not near the crowds on the sidewalks/ in the roads — and I did not encounter crowds on the trails either (at least during the times I used them).

  3. Prior to getting the parks closed, Mike Handler called every day for about a week, practically begging Newcanaanites to stop playing ball and gathering in large groups in the parks, so he wouldn’t have to close them. And people still were doing that. Am I the only one who was paying attention to his calls?

    And I’d like to remind, that Nature Center, lacking sport fields, is still open. Along with few New Canaan Land Trust locations.

      • I walked in Nature Center on Saturday, April 4th, didn’t notice any yellow tape, except at the end of GreenLink trail, on Weed. Did they close it since then?

        • Don’t know when formal notice went out from the Nature Center regarding the trail closures. That’s a town-owned property, so I imagine it could’ve been closed as part of the first selectman’s March 30 order. The Land Trust properties have been closed since March 31.

          Nature Center fans should follow the organization’s Facebook page, where there are live videos and other features to help stay connected to the staff, property and animals.

  4. It was the right decision to close waveny. People were not playing by the rules, groups gathering in fields, ball games being played, people picnicing, and although there is open areas there is also some narrow trails that you would encounter groups. Doesn’t anyone is this town have yards?

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