Local Businesses and COVID-19: New Canaan Pizza & Taqueria

For today’s Q&A with a local business owner navigating the COVID-19 public health emergency, we talk to Jose Guttierez of New Canaan Pizza & Taqueria. 

After purchasing the East Avenue mainstay three years ago, Guttierez oversaw an extensive interior renovation and then reopened in 2018 with the addition of authentic Mexican cuisine to New Canaan Pizza’s classic Greek-style pizza menu. The restaurant is open 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day, offering pickup and delivery. 

Here’s our interview. New Canaanite: How are you doing? Jose Gutierrez: We are surviving in this pandemic situation. There are good signs of surviving. 

What has the response been like from the community?

‘Father’s Day Special’ at NCHS Track Field

I am learning to appreciate Father’s Day more each year, especially as I strive to become a better dad. 

I have to say, there are some great role models here in this amazing town. Men who support, love and encourage their kids. Guys who lead by example and help their children become, as we hear so often these days, “the best version of themselves.” 

But gosh, that’s a real challenge. 

I just read that the Pew Research Center now finds 57% of fathers in the United States find being a dad rewarding all of the time, right there with Moms at 58%. But here’s the rub, 63% of Dads still believe that they spend too little time with their kids, way more than the Moms at 35%. I am no PhD in child psychology and I haven’t written a best-seller (yet?), but I do know that cheering my kids on with some really cool dads on the weekends while watching the boys revel in playing team sports sure goes a long way in the ‘Be a Better Dad and Quality Time’ camp.