4 thoughts on “Selectmen Approve $150,000 Allocation for Land Trust Purchase of Valley Road Home

  1. This situation is an absolute squandering of funds and valuable resources. It’s astonishing that we lack the capability to provide basic physical ID cards at the pool while simultaneously allocating funds for this endeavor. It is time for individuals to redirect their affections from lifeless structures (old library included) and focus on investing in the betterment of humanity. After all, buildings are devoid of emotions, and given the town’s ownership of 57 properties, it is imperative that we begin divesting from this portfolio.

    • In this case I completely disagree. Money spent with the New Canaan Land Trust is money well spent. The properties under their care are some of the most beautiful in New Canaan. They are well maintained and preserved for generations of New Canaanites to enjoy. If you have not taken the time to walk any of their properties I would urge you to do so, to see and experience first hand their work. The New Canaan Land Trust is the antidote for all of the open space that is being taken up by new developments

  2. Thank you Anthony for your thoughts on the purchase and preservation of the historic Grupes House on 1.8-acres of open land adjoining 10.8-acres of a land trust sanctuary. The Town contribution is extremely valued and appreciated, but the much larger contribution is coming privately from the Board of the Land Trust and our fellow citizens supportive of open spaces as well as historic preservation. The Land Trust will be the agent caring for the house and gardens, not the Town. This is a public-private partnership that works in supporting the rural character of our Town. Finally, since your home borders a land trust sanctuary, we hope you will become a supporter.

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