One thought on “Superintendent: School Buildings Now Closed Through April 20; Changes Coming to E-Learning Program

  1. Thanks to the Board of Ed for letting us know we are out of school for at least 5 and a half weeks – very helpful for planning. I think it is now time for the Board of Ed to prepare us all (teachers, students, support staff and the community at large) for the school year to be going longer into the Summer. Assuming we get 50% educational utility out of each day kids are home (each parent is also experiencing loss of work so we have large family work loss as well), we should target school dismissal to take this into account. This would put the new dismissal date around July 10th.
    We need to put kids education first on this, and we can not risk kids lose out and just get promoted to the next level (we do have a 180 day minimum there for a reason). If we do not extend the school year into the summer we risk compounding these issues into next year and beyond.
    Plenty of emergency legal statutes have been enacted (locally and nationally) to allow this to take place – better to plan for it now rather than wait, or use next year trying to fix this (summer already results in enough knowledge loss for kids).

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