One thought on “New Canaan Parents Take on ‘Home Schoolteacher’ Role Amid COVID-19 Emergency

  1. First a huge thanks to all the folks in the School District who planned for this on short notice and are making it work day after day – GREAT WORK – SIMPLY AWESOME!! Second we will be out of school longer than we all would like, and each week will be harder than the previous to keep up. Third teaching is hard work – we can not expect parents to do as good a job as professionals – no matter how hard we try or would like to.

    Lets try to think about how we are going to restart more traditional learning and here are two suggestions: 1) Lets cancel Spring vacation now – if we are back to school great – but kids and parents do not need to go right back on leave and we should give people time to plan for this change 2) Lets think about extending the school year now through June and perhaps into July. We are already going to lose minimum 3 weeks and it could very possibly be much more (April vacation gives us back 1 week and end June gives us 2 weeks). I know we have flexibility on the 180 days, but technical flexibility, and what the kids will be losing in terms of education are 2 different issues. I am more worried about the learning than the technical.

    Lets give people time to plan, and parents the ability to make up some of this time back working, which we are loosing out on now – justifiably taking care of our kids and following the ‘social distancing’ directives, which are so important for us all.

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