‘The Time Has Come’: Letter in Support of New Canaan Library’s Rebuilding Plan 

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Proposed rebuilt New Canaan Library. Rendering courtesy of New Canaan Library

I am writing as a lifelong resident of New Canaan and a real estate agent. I grew up here feeling privileged and certainly grateful. Our family benefited from all the town had to offer for years. I believe we can agree that New Canaan is truly unique. 

Has the town changed? Indeed, it has. There was a time when we had one restaurant and now, we have many. Things change. Needs for the community change and expectations change. We have an opportunity to make a very positive change in town. I have heard a masterful and professional presentation and seen an impressive virtual video of the proposed new library. The development committee has raised over $16 million in 15 months from committed and generous New Canaan residents who believe in this project. My husband and myself have also contributed.

The time has come to transition from the “old” tired and falling apart, “busting out at the seams” building, to a forward thinking and innovative multi purposeful and functional library. Progress for the enhanced future of our town is impossible without this change. As an agent, I can say without hesitation, this new visionary structure will attract many more people coming to town and add to the appeal for new buyers with a state-of-the-art library. This will result an increase in visibility to our town, further use and will bring additional commerce for our shops and restaurants.

The library will offer space for business services, meeting rooms, computer rooms, study, quiet rooms, performing arts, lots of books, underground parking and even a town green. Something for everyone and a library that serves the needs of a community of all ages. It will become a hub. We are the last town in Fairfield County to make this change to their library and I believe we will be the envy.

I am not speaking on behalf of myself but in hopes of a bright future for our town and generations to come.

It is time for an inspiring new library that will meet the ever-changing needs of our community and will be a magnet long after I am gone. The town’s investment and support will be crucial for a successful change.

Suzie Binch

2 thoughts on “‘The Time Has Come’: Letter in Support of New Canaan Library’s Rebuilding Plan 

  1. Well done, Suzie. I think the new design is beautiful and functional. The library has been a integral part of our family.

  2. Yes, please build this new library. Other first tier towns such as Greenwich, Darien, and Westport make the library a focus for gatherings and learnings; the current New Canaan library just can’t handle those needs.

    The New Canaan library has been enjoyed by generations and that history will be preserved in photos and our collective memory but we need this new space to drive community for the future. Nostalgia, while important, can’t hold us back for the needs of the future – let us get this built! Count me in!

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