These Saxe 7th-Graders: Obsessed with Chicken, Lawnmowers and Their iPhones

It’s been a while since our last installment of the “5 Things I’m Obsessed With” feature, where we ask young New Canaanites to give us their list. We ran into these Saxe Middle School seventh-graders downtown on Friday afternoon—some good ones here. Kelsey Mottolese

My phone (5C)

Marie-Grace Pirrone

Music bands
My phone (6)

Sarah Crawford

My computer
My phone (4S)

Riley Seelert

My phone (5C)
My Spotify playlist
Cotton candy Frappuccino
Steeze Yaller

Devin Findlay

My phone (4S)

Patrick Metzger: Obsessed with Chicken Joe’s ‘High School Special’


For this installment of “5 Things I’m Obsessed With” with, we stayed right in front of Mackenzies—unofficial backpack depository of downtown New Canaan—and turned to a pair of willing Saxe Middle School eighth-graders, both 13. This marks just the second time in “5 Things I’m Obsessed With” history that an interview named as an obsession someone we had already interviewed. Here’s what these guys came up with:

Patrick Metzger

Becca Walshin
Vineyard Vines
Chicken Joes (the “high school special,” a half-pound of nuggets with fries)

Matthew Knight

Yellow cones (pointing to a cone in the alley: “Even though that one is orange.”)
Audi A-8s (“That’s what my dad drives, pretty nice car if you ask me, gets some good gas mileage.”)
The color red (pointing behind him, “Like the one on that car right there, it’s hard and not too soft, sort of like when you see a red light.”)
“A luscious mustache or really big beards.”

New Canaan Obsessions: Hulu, Instagram … Lap Desks?


Many thanks to these five eighth-graders from Saxe Middle School for telling us the five things they’re obsessed with—and then waiting in the bitter cold of a recent afternoon for this photo. We found all this out in front of downtown mainstay Mackenzies (which just launched its Facebook page, here). Without further ado, here’s the newest installment of “5 Things I’m Obsessed With”:

Jackie Newlin, 13
1. Ice Cream
2. Hulu

Juan Rivera: Obsessed with Weezer, “House of Cards”


We caught George Washington University-bound New Canaan High School senior Juan Rivera walking up Elm Street and asked him about his five current obsessions—a feature we launched last week with this group. Here’s what the 18-year-old told us:

Politics (he intends to study political science at GW)
“House of Cards”
Italian Food

We asked Juan to tell us more about his obsession with “House of Cards,” a Washington, DC-set Netflix series starring Kevin Spacey. The second season is airing now. “It’s on Netflix and people watch the whole season in maybe two days, so you don’t leave the house for those two days. You just watch them,” he said.

Allison Courtney: Obsessed with Pickles and Elephants


We’re asking people around town to tell us their five obsessions. Allison Courtney, 14, a Wilton High School freshman, was walking up Elm Street with three fellow divers from the Whirlwind Diving Team at the New Canaan YMCA, and she was a ready participant. Allison’s five obsessions right now are:

Joe Soma
Vanilla Ice Cream
Floppy Bird

Asked for further explanation on Soma: “He’s our diving coach. He’s really cool. Shout out to Joe!”