Administrators Formalize New NCHS Student Requirements for Popular ‘Ramstock’ Music Festival

The New Canaan High School Student Coalition and administrators this year formalized a rule requiring that at least one-half of the players in bands participating in an annual music festival be current NCHS students. The rule, now appearing on flyers and informational emails for Ramstock, existed on an ad hoc basis for years. It has opened a rift between some students and teachers, according to NCHS Student Coalition leader Priscilla Schulz. “The participants should go to New Canaan High School,” Schulz said. “I’m sure that those students that are in bands with others not going to the high school don’t like the rule, but I definitely understand why the rule was put in place.”

Advocates for the policy say that Ramstock is meant to showcase the talents and passions of NCHS students only.

New Canaan Marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month [VIDEO]

Dede Bartlett-New Canaan Marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month
For a sweeping view of domestic violence’s prevalence here, our town may not need the 1,000 purple pinwheels now stuck into the knoll outside Vine Cottage, each representing a resident who called New Canaan Police in the past decade because of violence in their homes, according to one local expert. To know just what domestic violence looks like, New Canaan also doesn’t need to recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Dede Bartlett, co-chair of the New Canaan Domestic Violence Partnership, said Wednesday morning. “I think Ray Rice has done that for us,” Bartlett told dozens of New Canaan High School students who gathered in the main lobby with teachers, faculty, administrators, SROs and town officials for a proclamation reading. “How many of you saw the video clip of the Baltimore Ravens football player punch his girlfriend, knock her out and drag her by the hair out of the elevator?” Bartlett said, prompting everyone to raise a hand. “Yes, you, me and about 50 million other Americans saw that tape, and maybe for a whole lot of folks, it was the first time that they saw what domestic violence looked like.