Enrollment Roughly as Predicted for New Canaan’s Upcoming School Year

Enrollment as of 10 days before the start of school in New Canaan is up 44 students for Saxe Middle School, down 14 students in the town’s elementary schools and up 38 students for the district as a whole. Those figures, as of Aug. 17, which is 10 days before the Aug. 27 first day of school, were part of enrollment tables shown by district officials to the Board of Education at its meeting on Monday. Those numbers can change before the school year begins, said Gary Kass, director of human resources for the district, who presented the enrollment data to the Board of Education at its meeting on Monday.

School Starts Aug 27, Supply Lists Published, Tax-Free Week Thru Aug 22

The first day of school in New Canaan, Thursday, Aug. 27, is less than two weeks away, and if parents haven’t got kids’ school supplies yet, the time is now. New Canaan Public Schools has published lists of school supplies to buy for students in each elementary schools (but not Saxe Middle School or the high school) on this Web page, or you can go directly to the lists (in PDF format) here:

East Elementary School
South Elementary School
West Elementary School

Connecticut Tax-Free Week starts on Sunday and means you won’t be paying the state sales tax on most items of clothing priced (or sale priced) at less than $100. The state won’t charge for taxes through the week (ending Saturday, Aug. 22).

10 Tips Every NCHS Senior Should Know About The College Process

Dear Rising High School Seniors,

It’s August. The Common Application opened about two weeks ago and it’s most likely the last thing that rising high school seniors want to have to worry about. Having gone through the process last year, I understand what it’s like to have your parents nagging you about getting your applications finished, teachers and guidance counselors reminding you of certain deadlines, and friends gossiping about what school everyone wants to go to. Although the process may not seem so easy the summer before the application craze begins, there are many tips that I have that can make the college process much easier. 1.