New Canaan Fire Department, Weed & Duryea Team Up for ‘Ash Disposal Bucket’ Giveaway

New Canaanites starting now can avail themselves of a free promotion for a safety tool that experts call critical to avoiding home fires. By filling out and submitting this form—also available in person at Weed & Duryea and New Canaan Fire Department headquarters—residents can put in for one of four metal ash disposal buckets. Designed for safe disposal of hot embers and ashes from a fireplace, the buckets are “very important,” according to New Canaan firefighter Jim Pickering. “We have had, through the years, numerous fires with the misplacing of the fire ashes, either in the garbage, we have had a maid vacuum up ashes and put the vacuum in closet and the vacuum starts a fire,” Pickering told “And then we had the Stamford fire where the grandparents and kids passed, they say it was started because of fireplace ashes.

Biz on Biz: Weed & Duryea on Favorite New Canaan Foods

In this installment of Biz on Biz, we traveled to Weed & Duryea on Grove Street to ask about a favorite product or service of another business in New Canaan. The hardware store, which has been running as long as our town’s railroad system, was founded soon after Francis E. Weed returned from the Civil War in 1865, historians say. Inside, we asked retail manager Barry Coleman about local favorites and he responded by reviewing New Canaan eateries he likes most. The first place he mentioned was Chinese restaurant Ching’s Table, right on Main Street. “I’ve been going there for years,” said Coleman, a Trumbull resident.