New Canaan Girl Scout Seeks Longtime Townies for Local History

New Canaan resident Louly Kaplan accompanied her grandmother to Ellis Island recently, and the elder woman began crying to see—for the first time—her own mother’s and grandmother’s names on a manifest for a passenger ship from the Old World. Louly, a New Canaan High School sophomore (and cheerleader), is a Girl Scout, and she’d been trying at that time to land on a project for the organization’s highest achievement: the Gold Award. What Louly has in mind, thanks at least in part to the experience with her grandmother, is a history of New Canaan as told by people who have lived through it. It’s something Louly said she feels is important, as many New Canaan teens are unaware of our shared local heritage. She can be reached at if any reader of here thinks they may be able to help.