Editorial: ‘Moral’ Shopping in New Canaan

One lesson I learned in seven years of studying Latin in the New Canaan Public Schools involves the word ‘mos.’ It’s a noun and in the singular it means habit or custom. In the plural, ‘mores,’ it translates as character because, taken together, a person’s habits and customs form his or her character. It’s where we get our word ‘morals.’


At the time I launched NewCanaanite.com, nearly three years ago, convenience and cost alone guided my own spending habits. I only asked ‘Can I find it here in New Canaan?’ if I were downtown already and needed something straightaway. Yet today, before purchasing or signing up for anything, I consciously seek out a local retailer or service provider—a habit so ingrained that it’s become second nature, part of my character.

Pine Street Renaissance Expands Downtown New Canaan Footprint

With a growing array of commercial storefronts expanding New Canaan’s downtown footprint, the Pine Street of 2015 is a far cry that of years’ past. Once known primarily for the location of the Post Office and a Grand Union supermarket, Pine Street has undergone a rebirth in recent years, evolving into a destination for established and new businesses alike. “I love our location, I don’t think it could be better,” Eugene Chun, owner of CT Sandwich Co., told NewCanaanite.com. “We’re close enough to Elm Street and all the action but we’re not caught in congestion—it makes things a lot easier.”

Retail businesses are not the only ones attracted to Pine Street. For BJ Flagg, principal at Nurenu Brand Marketing, a need for additional space was one of the reasons in her move from an office on Elm to one on Pine last month.

Editor: We Got An Office

After working remotely around New Canaan for more than 18 months since launching this news site, NewCanaanite.com this week is taking an office in the heart of the downtown. We will be at 140 Elm St., roughly above Jack Wills, starting Oct. 1. We’re looking forward to having a place to meet interviewees and business partners, a place (other than the living room or car) to keep our files, swag and equipment, and a ready spot right in New Canaan to file stories. One of the great advantages to working remotely these many months has been discovering some favorite places around town to work—public buildings and private businesses that offer warmth and AC, comfort and great WiFi.

Letter: Thank You, First Annual ‘Camp LiveGirl’ a Success

Dear Editor:

Camp LiveGirl brought together 50 middle school girls from Bridgeport, Stamford, and New Canaan. The camp facilitated bonding in a diverse, team-based environment through sports and leadership activities. Senior executive women provided mentoring and reinforced the LiveGirl motto: “I am smart. I am strong. I am special.”

Creating something new requires vision and extraordinary support, which we received from the following businesses/individuals:

CT Sandwich, Oxygen, Walter Stewart’s, Nielsen, Hunsinger Family—donated lunch/supplies
Meg Domino & New Canaan CARES—a passionate partner who customized and taught a leadership curriculum for middle school girls
Ellie Aliapoulios, Camaren Dayton, Abi Farley, Kendall Genzburg, Olivia Hunsinger, Katie Kurz, Grace Manges, Isabella Savini—amazing high school students who volunteered their time & served as camp leaders
Andrea Chalon, Johnny Ostendorf & Mike Wilson—donated video/ photography services
NCHS, Jay Egan, many coaches, instructors, speakers—provided essential support

The list of names is long and serves as a true testament to the character of our community.

‘Bingsu’: CT Sandwich Co. Brings Cold Korean Dessert to New Canaan [VIDEO]

Bingsu at CT Sandwich Co
Eugene Chun had thought about serving ice cream or frozen yogurt when he first opened Connecticut Sandwich Co. on Pine Street in October 2013—but two things stopped him. First, the 2007 Wilton High School graduate couldn’t figure out just where to put an ice cream machine in this clean, brightly lit space. He also felt that the local market was saturated with froyo outlets (this was before Red Mango on Elm Street closed). “There are just so many options in New Canaan that I wanted to bring something new,” Chun said.