Letter: Thank You, First Annual ‘Camp LiveGirl’ a Success


Dear Editor:

Camp LiveGirl brought together 50 middle school girls from Bridgeport, Stamford, and New Canaan. The camp facilitated bonding in a diverse, team-based environment through sports and leadership activities. Senior executive women provided mentoring and reinforced the LiveGirl motto: “I am smart. I am strong. I am special.”

Creating something new requires vision and extraordinary support, which we received from the following businesses/individuals:

  • CT Sandwich, Oxygen, Walter Stewart’s, Nielsen, Hunsinger Family—donated lunch/supplies
  • Meg Domino & New Canaan CARES—a passionate partner who customized and taught a leadership curriculum for middle school girls
  • Ellie Aliapoulios, Camaren Dayton, Abi Farley, Kendall Genzburg, Olivia Hunsinger, Katie Kurz, Grace Manges, Isabella Savini—amazing high school students who volunteered their time & served as camp leaders
  • Andrea Chalon, Johnny Ostendorf & Mike Wilson—donated video/ photography services
  • NCHS, Jay Egan, many coaches, instructors, speakers—provided essential support

The list of names is long and serves as a true testament to the character of our community.

By all accounts, Camp LiveGirl was a tremendous success. The girls quickly bonded and were fully engaged while trying new sports, making new friends, and building their leadership skills.

One girl wrote on our camp blog: “I had the best week ever! I learned to stay healthy, believe in myself, show the real me, and not let the past bother the present.” —Mariyah Dominguez, Bridgeport

To learn more, please visit www.goLiveGirl.com.

—Sheri West

Founder & Director, LiveGirl

Email: LiveGirl@optimum.net

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