Medical Director: New Canaan Boy Succumbed to ‘Overwhelming Infection’ Brought on by Pneumonia Secondary to Flu

The 10-year-old New Canaan boy who died unexpectedly on Sunday morning succumbed to an “overwhelming infection” brought on by secondary pneumonia to the flu, according to New Canaan Medical Director Dr. David Reed. Citing information from a pediatrician who had consulted with a New York state medical examiner’s office about its findings, Reed said that it appears the infection or sepsis that has been identified as a cause of death emerged in the boy after his immune system had been fighting a “very typical” flu. “When you get presented with a virus or cateria, the immune system starts cranking out antibodies to kill it, but if the infection takes off, your body’s immune system is overwhelmed, and you may get a secondary infection,” Reed told Repeating his advice to parents who are concerned about their own child’s exposure to flu, Reed said, “The message is to get a vaccination, it’s not too late.” Nico Mallozzi’s family agreed to share the medical investigator’s information with the public, Reed said.

Medical Director: New Canaan Boy, 10, Who Died Had Flu, Facts That Are ‘Likely Related’

The 10-year-old New Canaan boy who died unexpectedly Sunday morning, sending shockwaves through the public schools and wider community devastated by the loss and agonizing for a widely liked local family, had tested positive for the flu—facts that “are likely related,” according to New Canaan’s medical director. A New York state medical investigator has yet to determine a cause of death definitively, though that office’s findings likely will be made public this week, Dr. David Reed told “While this is rare, it is not unheard of,” Reed said when asked generally about flu taking a young person’s life. “There is no evidence that there is, at this point, anything unusual with the flu. We are experiencing higher numbers of flu this year than in the recent past.