Injecting heroin

‘It Could Be Their Kid’: Opioid Epidemic Panel Set for Next Wednesday

Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said authorities know there’s heroin in New Canaan, though it isn’t clear just how widespread abuse of the opioid is. One priority of the New Canaan Police Department in 2016 is to reduce the availability of narcotics (and alcohol, to underage people) in town, and that effort will come through enforcement as well as education, according to the chief. “We know for certain that multiple people that grew up here, were educated here and have moved to other places have overdosed on heroin and died in the past couple of years,” Krolikowski said. “So that is our focus and our big concern.”

As it is for the entire community. Next week, a venerable nonprofit organization is taking the lead to open up the often touchy subject of opioid use and abuse to the wider community.

Did You Hear … ?

A building permit application has been filed for a new, 8,600-square-foot home planned for 386 Weed St.—part of a large-scale project for a combined 7-acre parcel that had drawn some criticism from neighbors and originally included a 15,000-square-foot manmade pond that since has been withdrawn from the plan. The new home will include 40 rooms and will cost about $2.4 million to build, according to a building permit application filed May 15. The contractor on the project is Westport-based Coastal Construction and architect is Christian Rae Studio LLC of Easton. ***

Animal Control officers fined a Weed Street woman $90 for allowing her dog to roam after they saw her let a golden retriever off leash at Irwin Park at about 12:19 p.m. on May 22. The officers were in an unmarked car and watched the woman waiting for them to leave, which they did and then looped around to the far side of the park where they assessed the ticket for allowing a dog to roam (which now includes an additional $46 fine).