Animal Cruelty Warrant: Dog Left Alone without Adequate Food, Water or Shelter ‘For Multiple Days’

Authorities on Feb. 7 charged a New Canaan man with cruelty to animals because his dog was left outside for multiple days without proper food, water or shelter, according to a police officer’s affidavit in an arrest warrant application. 

Jack Hawkins, 47, of New Norwalk Road, already had been warned by authorities in November, following a similar barking dog complaint, that it’s against the law to leave a dog alone for multiple days without proper food and water and with no protection from the weather, according to the affidavit of New Canaan Police Officer Owen Ochs, obtained Tuesday by through a public records request (viewable here in full as PDF). According to the affidavit, the officer at about 8:08 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 27 was dispatched to Hawkins’s home at 613 New Norwalk Road “on the report of a dog that has been barking for the past two days.”

Arriving, the officer “observed a black and white colored, female border collie dog lying on the front grass,” the affidavit said. “The house was dark and no vehicles were located in the driveway.

New Canaan Man Charged with Animal Cruelty

Police last week arrested a 47-year-old New Canaan man by warrant and charged him with cruelty to animals. Jack Hawkins, a former Parks & Recreation Commission member who resigned two years ago following a second domestic arrest, was stopped while driving on Route 123 at about 9 p.m. on Feb. 7 “due to the vehicle being associated with an active arrest warrant for New Canaan Police,” according to a police report. Hawkins was arrested and transported to police headquarters to be processed on the charge, the report said. The warrant resulted from “an Animal [Control] investigation that was reported to New Canaan Police in January,” it said.

Former Parks & Rec Commissioner To Be Removed from ‘Volunteer Appreciation Reception’ Notice

The organizers of an upcoming event recognizing those who recently served on municipal boards in New Canaan say a former Parks & Recreation Commission member who resigned this summer following a second domestic arrest will not attend. Jack Hawkins’s name is being removed from a notice of the Town of New Canaan Volunteer Appreciation Reception, scheduled for Sept. 15, according to Kathleen Corbet. An original list of 29 volunteers from various boards and commissions on the notice included Hawkins. 

Corbet said that the list is “being changed for various reasons” and will be re-sent. Asked for the reason it changed with respect to Hawkins specifically, Corbet said, “I don’t care to share it but just a number of names on that list are being changed for various reasons and I prefer to leave it at that, Michael.”

It’s unclear what the thought process was in including Hawkins on the invite initially. 

Corbet said only that more than 150 people who serve on town boards and commissions, including those whose terms finished in the last 18 months, were invited.

‘Leave of Absence’: Moynihan Seeks to Retain Parks & Rec Commissioner After Second Domestic Arrest

New Canaan’s highest elected official is seeking to retain a Parks & Recreation Commission member on the appointed body following the latter’s second arrest in one year in a domestic incident, records show. First Selectman Kevin Moynihan is asking whether Commissioner Jack Hawkins could take a “leave of absence” instead of stepping down from Parks & Rec following the latter’s May 11 arrest for disorderly conduct, according to emails obtained through a public records request. The Town Charter “provides that Parks and Rec shall have no fewer than 7 and no more than 11 members,” Moynihan said in a May 23 email sent to Parks & Rec Chair George Benington and Tucker Murphy, a staffer in the first selectman’s office. “I don’t know if there is precedent for leaves of absence on boards and commissions,” Moynihan continued in the email, adding that he was copying in the Town Clerk’s office for clarification. 

The email string followed a May 23 inquiry from regarding Hawkins’s status on the Commission. Weapons removed from home

New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski forwarded the following police report on Hawkins’s latest arrest to Human Resources Director Cheryl Pickering Jones at 7:49 a.m. on May 12, according to the emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Moynihan: Parks & Rec Member Arrested in Domestic Incident To Remain on Commission

New Canaan’s highest elected official said this week that he’s looked into the arrest in a domestic incident of a Parks & Recreation Commission member and has concluded that there’s no reason for the town to take action regarding that individual’s seat on the appointed body. Jack Hawkins, 45, was arrested May 31 by New Canaan Police and charged with disorderly conduct. A 67-year-old woman, Judy Hawkins, also was charged with the misdemeanor offense following what police called a “domestic dispute” that involved both of them and a third occupant of the Hawkinses’ New Norwalk Road home. Police withheld details, saying it was a domestic matter. Following the arrest and prior to the Commission’s June meeting, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan outlined a decision-making process whereby he would meet with police and discuss the domestic incident “to understand what they know before I can make any judgment as to Jack.”

Asked during a phone interview Monday whether he had followed up with police as planned, Moynihan said, “I would say no, although let me recollect entirely.