Election 2023: Jennifer Zonis Announces Candidacy for Town Council [Q&A]

Jennifer Zonis, a New Canaan native with a professional background in media and entertainment, on Monday announced her candidacy for the Town Council. We put some questions to Zonis ahead of the July 18 Democratic caucus, where she will seek party backing. Here’s our exchange. ***

New Canaanite: What is your background professionally and in terms of living and volunteering here in New Canaan? Jennifer Zonis: After graduating from NCHS in ’85 and Harvard College in ’89 I moved to NYC to pursue a career in Media and Entertainment.

Hundreds Attend S.T.A.R. Celebration of Juneteenth in New Canaan

The NewCanaanite.com Summer Internship Program is sponsored by Carriage Barn Arts Center. One hundred fifty eight years ago, Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas to enforce President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, marking the end of slavery in the United States. On Monday, New Canaan residents came together to celebrate the milestone, making this the first Juneteenth celebration in New Canaan since the federal government and state of Connecticut made it a legal holiday. “This is amazing, we have at this point, almost 400 people have signed up to come, and last year we were at 160, so more than double,” Fatou Niang, founder and chair of Stand Together Against Racism, or “S.T.A.R.,” which organized the “Hearts of Freedom” Juneteenth celebration, as hundreds of town and area residents gathered at the New Canaan Museum & Historical Society for live music, food and games on a hot summer day. “We are so blessed that the community is embracing it, and we hope every year to have more and more people to the point that we can move it to Waveny,” Niang said. 

Monday’s event was the second-ever Juneteenth celebration in town.

Police Investigate Removal of Posters Promoting New Canaan MLK Day Service

New Canaan Police are investigating the removal of two posters promoting a service to be held Monday in memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Placed Jan. 7 on notice boards at the train station and at the intersection of South Avenue and Farm Road, the posters were found to have been removed five days later, according to Jennifer Zonis, president of the Interfaith Council of New Canaan, the organization that presents remembrance service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Council had obtained permits from the town prior to placing the posters on the notice boards, and each was marked with an orange sticker designating the approval, Zonis told NewCanaanite.com. Zonis said she looked into whether the posters had been blown away or removed by mistake prior to reporting the larceny to police, and discovered in communicating with past Council leaders that the same thing had happened multiple times in recent years. Vonis said that when she learned this wasn’t the first time it happened, she grew “concerned that this is ill will.”

Members of the Council are “heartbroken and upset and concerned and also frustrated,” Zonis said.