Over Husband’s Pleas, Town Officials Uphold $30 Parking Ticket for Woman Who Obstructed Two Spaces

The Parking Commission this month upheld a $30 ticket issued to a woman who obstructed two spaces in Morse Court. 

Unable to attend an appeal hearing herself due to a business trip, Fern Ghavidel’s husband, Kambuj Ghavidel, told members of the Commission that the violation was unintentional. On the afternoon in question, Ghavidel said, his wife arrived at Morse Court for an appointment at a beauty salon. She parked over the line of the space to her right because the car already parked to her left was over the line, preventing her from using the stall, he said. “It was a chain reaction,” Ghavidel said during the Sept. 4 appeal hearing, held at Town Hall.

Business Owner Asks for ‘Consideration’ from Parking Enforcement, Not Tickets

A longtime Main Street business owner is asking town officials for some leniency when it comes to commercial vehicles that remain parked on the street for more than two hours. Anthony Ceraso told members of the Parking Commission at their most recent meeting that he’s not disputing the two $25 tickets he received in June for overtime parking out front of his business on the corner of East Maple Street. “They’re already paid, I’m here to vent,” Ceraso told the Commission at its Sept. 4 meeting at Town Hall. Ceraso, owner of AC Auto Body, said he’s been in business in New Canaan for 22 years and located at 182 Main St.

Commission Votes 3-2 To Uphold New Canaan Woman’s $30 Parking Ticket

The Parking Commission this month voted 3-2 to uphold a $30 ticket that had been issued to a New Canaan woman who parked in a loading zone on Forest Street. Denise Luccarelli told members of the appointed body at her appeal hearing that she “had all of Forest Street to park on” when she went to breakfast at New Canaan Diner with a friend on the morning of Aug. 19 (a Monday). “And everyone knows where the handicapped spot is, so I knew if I parked two or three car lengths away from the handicapped spot, I would be good,” Luccarelli said during the hearing, held Sept. 4 at Town Hall.

Commission: Don’t Give Parking Enforcement Officers Ability to Void Tickets Once They’re Written

The volunteers who help oversee New Canaan’s Parking Bureau said this month pushed back on the idea of empowering enforcement officers to void tickets once they’ve been written. 

Parking Commission Chairman Keith Richey broached the idea during the appointed body’s Sept. 4 meeting, saying that in certain cases—for example, where someone happened to be in a double-parked or otherwise mis-parked vehicle, or was unaware of a loading zone rule—it could make sense to empower the enforcement officer to retract a ticket. 

Yet doing so would bring new risks, the commissioners said. 

“It puts the officer on the street in an awkward position when the townsperson says look I lived in New Canaan for 39 yrs and I am a senior citizen and I am really important in New Canaan and I think you ought to waive this ticket,” Commissioner Peter Ogilvie said during the special meeting, held at Town Hall. 

“Well, if the officer has the legal ability to waive right then and there on the street, the officer is going to feel pretty intimidated by some of these people. I don’t think you want to give that right to the officer on the street.”

According to appeals filed by motorists cited for violating New Canaan’s parking rules, enforcement officers often say on the street that they cannot retract a ticket once it’s printed. 

Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg said that the officers already give motorists an opportunity to move or urge a driver to correct the violation prior to issuing a ticket. “They will tell somebody to please move,” Miltenberg said. Commissioner Chris Hering said that changing the Bureau’s practice would just expose the department. 

“What we try to do in our role here is to be fair and consistent and I think that we expose ourselves with further leniency,” Hering said.

Divided Commission Voids $25 Ticket for New Canaan Man Who Parked Poorly Downtown

Officials last week voided a $25 ticket issued to a New Canaan man who parked more than 12 inches from the curb on Main Street downtown one morning this summer. Joseph Somma told members of the Parking Commission during an appeal hearing that he’d been making a quick run from the New Canaan Field Club on the morning of June 24 (a Monday) to Baskin-Robbins to pick up ice cream for kids. A resident of New Canaan for 16 years, Somma spotted one parking space in front of the popular ice cream shop, pulled into it with his new truck and “didn’t realize how bad I did park,” he told the Commission during the Sept. 4 hearing, held at Town Hall. “I did park and I broke the rules.