Main Street To Lose Parking Spaces after Complaint to State

After experiencing similar pain last summer, New Canaan stands to lose more parking spaces downtown as state officials, acting on a formal complaint, impose a legally required 25-foot no-parking zone on either side of pedestrian crosswalks on Main Street. Main Street running north from Cherry doubles as state Routes 106 and 124, and four crosswalks along that stretch would be affected, officials said—two at Elm and two at East Avenue. If nothing changes, New Canaan would lose some 12 parking spaces, though Department of Public Works Director Tiger Mann when asked about the situation said it’s possible the town could eliminate one crosswalk at each intersection in order to preserve some of that parking. Officials in the Connecticut Department of Transportation are seeking “immediate compliance” with the 1949 state law, according to Mann. A Fairfield-based transportation consultant was summoned to study the area and put together a proposal that may include a recommendation to eliminate the northern crosswalks at each intersection, Mann said.