Quiet Heroes of New Canaan: Jim Davis

For New Canaan’s Laura Ault, Jim Davis is “the very definition of a good neighbor.”

Davis and his wife, Sally, “have lived in New Canaan for years, and Jim gets up very early on weekend mornings to pick up trash on our road from end to end, wearing a reflective safety vest,” Ault told NewCanaanite.com by way of nominating her neighbor for the Quiet Heroes of New Canaan series. 

Located in northwestern New Canaan, Greenley Road zig-zags east-west between West Road and Ponus Ridge. Zoned for two acres, it has 32 residences on it, according to municipal tax records, as well as 18 acres of open space, including undeveloped parcels protected by the New Canaan Land Trust. 

According to the New Canaan Museum & Historical Society’s street name database, the road “takes its present name from mid-nineteenth century residents who spelled their surname ‘Greenly.’ The road appears on maps and in deeds as Greenly Avenue or Greenly Road until the 1920’s when the third ‘e’ somehow was acquired. The old Greenley farm was long known as ‘Indian Cave Farm,’ because artifacts found in a cave on the property seemed to indicate that the cave once had been used as a shelter by Indians.”

Ault said in her nomination letter: “I really hope he won’t mind the public recognition—I don’t think he cleans up our street to be known for it. He just seems to have a sincere sense of propriety and responsibility, and he’s definitely the nicest guy on Greenley Road, if not the world.”

[Editor’s Note: This is a new installment of our periodic “Quiet Heroes” series. We’re accepting nominations for it, see guidelines here.]

‘Who Knew?’ Column Launches on New Canaanite, Sponsored by Walter Stewart’s

Jan. 21, 2022—NewCanaanite.com for Friday’s newsletter launched a new column by town resident and writer Laura Ault. 

Sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market, “Who Knew?” will appear each month in the third Friday newsletter. 

In it, Ault will unearth surprises she finds “in our little corner of the suburbs.”

“I’ll search for those great experiences that can only be had in New Canaan, from restaurants and shops to hikes and events,” Ault said. “And when I find something great, I won’t keep it to myself, as much as I may want.”

Ault is a creative director and founder of a mission-based marketing consultancy. A native of northern California and graduate of Colgate University, she moved to New Canaan in 2014 and lives on the west side of town with her husband, three dogs and two cats. Doug Stewart, vice president of Walter Stewart’s Market, said the local business is pleased to sponsor Ault’s writing about New Canaan, which recently included an article spotlighting five standout local foods.