New Canaan Old Timers Association Spotlight: Monroe Trout

In one of the trophy cases in the lobby of New Canaan High School’s Athletic Complex is a scuffed, vintage Spalding basketball, marked with a simple inscription:

1,102 PTS. M.TROUT


The ball is a simple, but poignant reminder of New Canaan’s glorious past, also serving as an inspiration to future Rams of what can be attained through hard work, dedication and the full realization of one’s talents. It represents one of New Canaan High School’s brightest basketball stars—the third facet of New Canaan’s hardwood Holy Trinity. First, there was Wilky Gilmore. Then there was Gary Liberatore.

Did You Hear … ?

New Canaan readers voted by a 7-to-2 margin in favor of a proposal that would see the Pop Up Park in the final block of South Avenue in place continuously from Memorial Day to Labor Day. ***

Four longtime New Canaan friends and NCHS grads gathered to cheer on the Rams last Monday during the varsity boys basketball team’s Senior Night game vs. St. Joe’s. Pictured at left—standing in front local legend Wilky Gilmore’s jersey—are Tad Keating, Monroe Trout, Rob Lenihan and Matt Ready.