Mallozzi Seeks Recount, Ballot Review Following 10-Vote Loss at Republican Caucus

As he indicated immediately after a 612-602 vote loss at the Republican caucus this week, First Selectman Rob Mallozzi has put in a formal request for a recount of the ballots cast at the GOP meeting. Mallozzi told that he has asked the caucus moderator and chairman of the Republican Town Committee—state Rep. Tom O’Dea (R-125th) and Patrick Donovan, respectively—for a recount of the results “and a complete review of the books and information, including spoiled ballots, names of who voted, [and] amount of ballots handed out.”

“I have asked Judge Russell A. Kimes and former Town Council member E. Roger Williams to be present and observe this recount effort,” Mallozzi said. The call for a review of Tuesday night’s caucus results comes in the wake of what many called a surprising result, with Town Council member Kevin Moynihan garnering 10 more votes than the three-term incumbent first selectman. Asked whether he would consider pursuing a fourth term in some other way despite the narrow caucus loss, Mallozzi has said only that he is “considering all options.”

Those may include trying again to get on the Republican party line on November’s ballots by forcing a primary in September, or by getting his name on the ballot as a petitioning candidate.

‘What a Monumental Waste’: Selectman Bemoans Town Spending in FOI Matter

One of New Canaan’s highest elected officials this week bemoaned what the town is spending in legal fees related to a Freedom of Information request. The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday approved payment of an $11,527.91 bill from a Hartford-based law firm that’s advising a panel of residents who met throughout the past year to make recommendations to the town’s major governing document. “What a monumental waste,” Selectman Nick Williams said of the payment during the group’s regular meeting, held at Town Hall. New Canaan constituents on Election Day voted in favor of four of the five recommendations from the Charter Revision Commission, including what became a rather divisive question regarding the first selectman’s role on the Board of Finance. The volunteer group interviewed New Canaan leaders—both employees of the town and those who serve on municipal boards and commissions—in working toward its conclusions.

Election 2015: Voter Turnout, Comments from Candidates

Nearly 30 percent of eligible voters had cast ballots in local elections when polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, following a day that saw candidates for offices including Town Council greet constituents at the middle and high schools through a clear, warm day and chilly evening. Here’s a table showing total votes cast in recent local election years:


And here’s a table that will update regularly, showing voter turnout in New Canaan hour-by-hour:


Contested races this year include Republican seats on the Town Council, with five GOP candidates vying for four seats—Ken Campbell, Steve Karl, Christa Kenin, Cristina A. Ross and Roger Williams, a petitioning candidate and incumbent—and first selectman, with incumbent Republican Rob Mallozzi seeking re-election, and petitioning candidate Michael Nowacki running independently for the highest elected seat in town. Karl stood outside Saxe Middle School late Tuesday morning, and when asked how he felt about how things were going, said: “I feel great. The weather is great. Lots of friends and family supporters out.

Saxe Building Proposal: Where Candidates Stand

What follows are candidates’ responses to a public call from dozens of taxpayers to answer this question: Will you support the full project to renovate and expand Saxe Middle School? See PDF at the bottom of this article for details on the proposed $18.6 million building project. We will update this article with new responses as they come in from candidates for the Board of Selectmen, Board of Education and Town Council. Board of Selectmen

Rob Mallozzi, Republican incumbent seeking re-election for first selectman: “It didn’t take an email that I saw [Monday] to get my position out there. I think it’s very important, as a leader of this town, to telegraph my feelings and I appreciate the fact that there is a group that wanted to know people’s positions before the election.

Letter: Williams Brings ‘Balanced and Informed Perspective’ to Town Council

Dear Editor,

New Canaan needs Roger Williams on the Town Council. Roger brings a balanced and informed perspective to the Council. He offers a different and pragmatic approach on the important issues facing the citizens of our town. None of his opponents have his successful business background and his experience with emphasis on the bottom line. He is not afraid to speak the truth and question things when others seek to conform.