Neighbors Oppose Planned Freestanding 3-Car Garage at Michigan and Lukes Wood Roads

Saying a plan to erect a freestanding, three-bay garage near the corner of Michigan and Lukes Wood Roads lacks specifics on use and lighting, isn’t in keeping with the neighborhood and whose proposed driveway could present a safety hazard on a blind curve, nearby property owners told planning officials last week that they’re adamantly opposed to it. Marty Yudkovitz of 440 Michigan Road told the Planning & Zoning Commission at its regular meeting on April 28 that, if approved as originally submitted, the proposed 24-by-30-foot garage at 81 Lukes Wood Road would appear to the world to be located in his own front yard, diminishing his property’s value. Though it seemed a straightforward proposal at first, “the more we looked at it, it raised just a lot of red flags,” Yudkovitz told the commission at its meeting, held in the Sturgess Room at the New Canaan Nature Center. The first of those flags emerged about one year ago when a new, driveway-width wooden gate appeared one day cut into a longstanding stone wall along Michigan Road, he said. “We didn’t know whether permission was needed, we don’t know if permission was received—it doesn’t seem to have been,” Yudkovitz said.