New Canaan Police Seek Info on Party Saturday Where Male Youth ‘Suffered a Serious Injury’

New Canaan Police are investigating a youth party at an Oenoke Ridge Road home Saturday night where a male juvenile was hurt, officials said. The youth in question “suffered a serious injury” and was taken to Norwalk Hospital, according to a press bulletin issued by Police Lt. Jason Ferraro, the department’s public information officer. “The New Canaan Police are asking for anyone with information regarding this youth party or the cause of the injury to the male juvenile to contact the New Canaan Police Investigative Section at 203-594-3523, or utilize the anonymous tip line at 203-594-3544 or utilize the My PD App to leave any related information,” Ferraro said. It isn’t clear whether police broke up the party, where it was, whether alcohol or drugs were involved, what was the nature of the young man’s injury, how old he is, whether his injury resulted from an accident or fight or whether residents of the home where the party took place are facing criminal charges. Police said more information will be provided as it’s gathered by authorities.

Police Break Up Underage Drinking Party on Indian Rock Road; Charges Brought Against 18-Year-Old Host

Police brought alcohol-related charges against an 18-year-old Indian Rock Road girl after breaking up an underage drinking party at her house Friday night. At about 8:18 p.m., officers were dispatched to her home—toward the end of the dead-end street near the Country Club of New Canaan—following an anonymous report that a large group of youths were consuming alcohol in a barn on the property, according to a police report. A subsequent investigation led to charges of allowing a minor to possess alcohol and failure to halt possession of alcohol brought against the teenage girl, who lives there. She was released after promising to appear Feb. 10 in state Superior Court in Norwalk.

New Canaan Police Detail First-Ever ‘Narcotics and Underage Alcohol Investigator’

New Canaan Police for the first time ever are designating an investigator in the department who will focus primarily on narcotics and underage alcohol, officials say. According to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski, the officer assigned to this role will track arrests and follow up to build cases people providing alcohol to underage residents and selling drugs in New Canaam. The program “is going to be a huge new initiative for us,” Krolikowski said at the Nov. 18 meeting of the Police Commission. “It is worth looking at narcotics and underage alcohol consumption as being more or less available in school, to some degree, and allowed at youth parties, so those are going to be two primary focus areas,” Krolikowski said at the meeting, held in the Training Room at the New Canaan Police Department.

Underage Drinking Parties: Police Chief Proposes New Program That Offers Education in Lieu of Arrests

To this point, officers arriving on the scene of an underage drinking party in New Canaan generally gather information about violations—someone is hosting the party and providing alcohol, or somebody is in possession of alcohol—and issue a few infraction summonses or make a few arrests. The balance of kids at the party who have been drinking will leave the scene with no accountability. Under a new initiative that New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski is designing—with support and feedback from the state’s attorney of the Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District—those kids’ names are recorded for possible participation in a “diversionary program.”

“The next step is I am writing to the parents saying, ‘Your child was at this party consuming alcohol, we can charge him or her with X,Y or Z—which is a fine and license suspension and has potential consequences on your insurance—or you can attend this diversionary program,’ ” Krolikowski said Wednesday during the regular monthly meeting of the Police Commission, held at NCPD headquarters. To be taught by volunteering psychiatrists trained in addition, the program would be attended by parents and children, and run through two 2-hour sessions—likely on a Saturday, the chief said—with a focus on drug and alcohol education. Those in charge of the program would “explain the consequences of early abuse of alcohol and drugs, and what that can lead to,” Krolikowski said.


Police: New Canaan Man, 18, Passes Fake ID Two Nights After Underage Drinking Party

Police charged an 18-year-old Carter Street man twice over the weekend, first at an underage drinking party on Friday and then two nights later, while he was riding shotgun with a drunk teen driver and carrying a fake ID. The first incident occurred at 9:06 p.m. on Oct. 30, when police were dispatched to Smith Ridge Road on a report of an underage drinking party, according to a police report. There, officers spotted several youths running into the woods behind the house while others looked out through windows inside the home, the report said. Inside, officers found a “Beer Pong” table set up with red Solo cups of beer and cans on tables and in garbage cans, the report said.