Town Policy to Allow for Officials to ‘Phone In’ for Public Meetings, with Conditions [VIDEO]


Though it was an advisory vote and not a final decision for the town, the Park & Recreation Commission’s recent 4-3 tally in favor of a Caffeine & Carburetors event at Waveny triggered a larger discussion about municipal meeting policy.

During its meeting last month, one parks commissioner tried to cast a vote via conference call but was not allowed to do so (his “No” vote would have meant a 4-4 tie—perhaps something to consider for the administrative team that would make a final decision). It prompted a call for clarification on the town’s policy. talked to New Canaan’s highest elected official about where the decision-making process stands. The government favors allowing the volunteers who oversee those municipal boards and commissions that do not already have alternatives to call in for their meetings, on certain conditions—such as ensuring there is a quorum physically present. See video above.

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