Trial Board Concludes: NCPD Sergeant To Repay Town, Undergo 90-Day Unpaid Suspension


The New Canaan police sergeant whose job had been at stake after the town paid some $30,000 in health insurance premiums beyond what was required when he failed to remove his ex-wife from the municipal plan following their divorce will continue in the department following a 90-day unpaid suspension, officials said.

Sgt. John Milligan also will repay the town $28,608, will be ineligible to seek promotion for five years and will be assigned to any position within the department, according to a press release issued Tuesday by Police Chief Leon Krolikowski.

“We are pleased that we are able to conclude this matter in a fashion that is in the best interests of the department and the town,” Krolikowski said. “By way of his agreement to a variety of penalties, Sergeant Milligan has finally accepted responsibility for his actions.”

The statement comes hours after the final trial board hearing on the closely watched disciplinary matter. Those hearings at times delved into some detail regarding alleged misconduct. Many New Canaanites learned of the disciplinary actions that Milligan faced after he filed a Notice of Intent to Sue in March, citing what he called violations of his civil and employment rights. Town officials at the time called the claims baseless.

“Today we can begin to move forward from this matter and refocus our full attention to providing the highest quality services to the people of New Canaan,” Krolikowski said. “The penalties against Sgt. Milligan are serious and show that integrity and accountability are not just empty words. They are the core values of our organization and they will not be compromised under any circumstances.”

One thought on “Trial Board Concludes: NCPD Sergeant To Repay Town, Undergo 90-Day Unpaid Suspension

  1. This should have been settled as an administrative matter within the NCPD. The amount of resources and taxpayer funds wasted to pay attorneys is absurd. I would like to see the final tab inclusive of legal fees, overtime to other officers to fill Milligan’s shift, amount to pay Milligan while on paid leave, etc. Reminds me of the Bridge fiasco a few years back. We need better decision-makers at the helm.

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