‘Wonderful, New, Highly Qualified’: Five New Faces at New Canaan Library

New Canaan Library Director Lisa Oldham said the organization has five “wonderful, new, highly qualified librarians and other staff” that have come on since October.

Meet them below.

According to Oldham, the library last year “lost some talented staff to retirement and incredible opportunities elsewhere.”

“We lost three people to the west coast,” she said. “Two to a startup and one to a big Washington state library. We have taken our time to find the very best people for the roles, because we are so committed to delivering excellent service to the people of New Canaan.”

We asked the new library employees to provide us with some basic information on their backgrounds, and to describe what they’re doing in their roles.


Laura Cavers, readers’ advisor librarian. Contributed

Laura Woodward Cavers

  • Job title: Readers’ Advisor Librarian
  • Originally from: Grew up outside Boston in Wellesley, Mass.
  • Degrees: Master of Fine Arts – Creative Writing; Manhattanville College
  • Immediate past position: Darien Library: Writing Teacher; Writing Workshop Leader; Readers’ Advisor (part-time)

“New Canaan has an avid reading base that enjoys up-to-date best sellers as well as a great appreciation of the classics. As Readers Advisor I hope to create an accommodating environment for these patrons by developing targeted book displays, interactive digital media and creating literary programming, including reading group discussion, writing classes and workshops. I will also dovetail with other library departments and outside organizations to promote the wonderful and diverse collection of New Canaan Library.”


Karen Danvers, Adult Services Librarian at New Canaan Library. Contributed

Karen Danvers

  • Job title: Adult Services Librarian
  • Originally from: Riverside, Conn.
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s in Modern Languages from Union College, master’s degree in Library Science from Florida State University (December 2016)
  • Immediate past position: Program & Rentals Manager, Wilton Library

“As a newly minted librarian, I am thrilled to be incorporating my past library experience with my new degree and applying it to all aspects of adult services here at New Canaan Library. I bring a lifelong love of libraries, learning and books, and I am really enjoying getting to know the wonderful library patrons here!  I look forward to offering instruction, research, interlibrary loan support and more to meet the community’s ever-growing needs.”


Emily Oumano, programming librarian at New Canaan Library. Contributed

Emily Oumano

  • Job title: Programming Librarian
  • Originally from: Naugatuck, CT
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Mount Holyoke College, master’s of Information and Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University
  • Immediate past position: Reference Librarian, Southbury Public Library

“As programming librarian at New Canaan Library, I help meet the growing demand for experiential learning by planning events. We are not confined to learning through books and other static resources. Learning is an experience, and when that experience is shared with our communities it enriches our minds and our lives. Author readings, informative presentations, music concerts, documentary screenings, craft workshops and other programs serve library patrons’ need for inspiration and discovery. We provide dozens of programs each month and demand continues to grow. Giving people the opportunity to learn, make connections and share knowledge is at the heart of what we do as a library, and I am proud to help make that possible.”


Anthony Marrocolla, digital services librarian at New Canaan Library. Credit: Michael Dinan

Anthony Marrocolla

  • Job title: Digital Services Librarian
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s degree in art history and master’s degree in library science both from CUNY Hunter and Queens
  • Originally from: Astoria, Queens
  • Immediate past position: Digital resources librarian for McGraw-Hill in New York City

“I’m working with some very wonderful people at this library. I previously came from a corporate environment and I’m going to be working with a lot of digital, digital education—teaching patrons how to use their phones, how to use different programs, Photoshop—and also we have a great Makerspace. We have wonderful 3D printers and programs on those computers. And I’m noticing that we are also getting a lot of younger patrons coming in, and we’ve been helping them a lot, too.”


Becky Williams, administrative assistant at New Canaan Library. Contributed

Becky Williams

  • Job title: Administrative Assistant
  • Originally from: Grew up and currently live in Wilton.
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Fairfield University.
  • Immediate past position: Previously was in school, where I also worked as an Assistant Teacher for Russian Language.

“One of my main jobs at the library is working within our new branding guidelines to create posters, handouts, and images for our programs and displays. I work closely with Emily, our programming librarian, as well as the Art Committee, to provide print and digital promotion for events. I also manage room reservations for outside groups and provide administrative support for the public services manager and executive director.”

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  1. It’s a great service to all. The people are the best, what else can I say?It’s also a second home to me.
    Norm Jensen…

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