Holiday Shopping 2023: WAVE on Elm


For today’s installment of our local holiday shopping series, we stopped into WAVE at 86 Elm St. and chatted with owner Heather Satin

Here’s our conversation. 

New Canaanite: Tell me about your store.

Clockwise from the ring: 14-karat all-diamonds ring ($5,800), sapphire-and-diamonds earrings ($2,150), 14-karat link necklace with diamond link ($3,750), diamond X four-petal necklace ($1,175), gold-and-diamond link bracelet ($3,450) at Wave, 86 Elm St. Credit: Michael Dinan

Heather Satin: We’ve been around for 30 years. We started at Main Street for 26 [years] and then in 2020 we moved to the Elm Street location, which we truly love and we’ve met a lot of new customers, but still retained all of our old customers. We have jewelry, home and clothing. We really strive to have an incredible fine jewelry boutique selection, though we do also carry jewelry from, say, $5,000 to $25,000. We strive for everybody to be able to shop here. And you can do your whole list while shopping at the store. 

Embroidered “LOVE” hat with colorful pompom ($84) and gloves ($50) at Wave, 86 Elm St. Credit: Michael Dinan

Tell me about any special deals that you have on specifically for the holiday shopping. 

Currently we have 20% off clothing. But we always have great pricing. So we don’t feel that we always have to do the discount thing because we’re giving the reasonable price, whereas other stores inflate prices and then offer you the discount to make it look like you’re getting a discount when we’re actually giving you the price that should be.

Short faux fur reversible vest ($128 in short, $158 in long), at Wave, 86 Elm St. Credit: Michael Dinan

What has the foot traffic been like in the early going here for this shopping season? 

Now with the weather getting a little bit cooler, I think everyone has the good holiday vibe going on and they’re ready to roll with the holidays. 

What’s it like being a business in the center of New Canaan during the holiday season?

Gold-over-sterling “LOVE” charm necklace ($68), multi-charm gold-over-sterling necklace on paperclip chain ($185) at Wave, 86 Elm St. Credit: Michael Dinan

I think just being a business for so long, we’re so attached to everyone’s families that we love hearing what’s going on with the families and who’s coming in to see their families for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and we just love reconnecting with everyone again.

What else, if anything, would you say to someone who maybe has walked by or driven by the shop, but hasn’t had a chance to stop in

Definitely come in. We have incredible customer service. We’re happy to do personal shopping with you. And you can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook and our website. And if you DM [direct message] us, we’re happy to send pictures or whatever makes it easy for you or the shopper.

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  1. Wave is truly the best store in New Canaan for customer service and great gift ideas. The most gorgeous jewelry, fabulous ornaments and unique household items are all at Wave. Thank you for being here for 30 years!❤️

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