0684-Radi0: Public-Private Partnerships in New Canaan

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This week on ‘0684-Radi0’ (hit ‘Listen in Browser’ above on your smartphone), we take a hard look at one piece of Selectman Nick Williams’s thinking in advocating for several months to give more time to a private nonprofit organization seeking permission to restore and reuse a public building in Mead Park. 

Ultimately, as many know, the Board of Selectmen voted 2-1 to demolish so-called “Mead Park Brick Barn.” Much of what has weighed on Williams were the efforts of a local group to put their own time, expertise and, importantly, privately raised dollars, toward a building that falls under the town’s responsibility. Such proposed public-private partnerships are prevalent in New Canaan. We talk to Williams about his decision, and—separately from the Richmond Hill Road building—we talk generally about what’s happening with philanthropy in New Canaan with a local expert. Leo Karl III serves on the boards of the New Canaan Community Foundation and Waveny LifeCare Network, and he is assisting the New Canaan Athletic Foundation on formalizing its relationship with the town. 

Many thanks to both Williams and Karl for granting us interviews. 

This week’s podcast is sponsored by Brian Cronin, vice president of Ward Brokerage Associates, a boutique brokerage providing life, long-term care and disability solutions. 

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