$100,000 Interior Renovation Planned for Mrs. Green’s


The town has issued a permit to Mrs. Green’s to put an estimated $100,000 in interior renovations into its store at the corner of Pine and Park Streets.

Site plan for interior renovations at Mrs. Green's. Specs by The Monroe Partnership

Site plan for interior renovations at Mrs. Green’s. Specs by The Monroe Partnership

The organic foods provider plans to reconfigure its beverage bar and remove some shelving from the main floor of the store, according to a site plan filed with the New Canaan Building Department.

According to a building permit application filed in June, the architect on the project is The Monroe Partnership/David Ball of Norwalk, and the contractor is Wyckoff, N.J.-based Partner Construction Services Corp.

Pat Brown, CEO of Natural Markets Food Group, said in a statement released to New Canaanite: “This investment into our New Canaan store will help us reach our core mission: providing families with access to sustainable seafood, humanely-raised meat, farm-fresh, local produce, natural vitamins, supplements and cutting-edge healthy food choices.”

The town issued the permit Nov. 17.

Here are some notes included on a site plan filed on behalf of Mrs. Green’s:

  • Remove refrigerated multi-deck and grocery shelves, replicate hanging produce scale location TBD, remove frozen cases from aisle, remove or relocate refrigerated end caps type replace with dry end caps;
  • Remove quarry tile floor, grind & finish concrete to match existing;
  • New wall up to underside of roof deck;
  • End: remove frozen coffin case, remove pizza/grill walls, soffits.

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