‘A Deeply Genuine Person’: Statement from Family of Jennifer Dulos


Jennifer Dulos. Photo courtesy of the New Canaan Police Department

The family of Jennifer Dulos released on Friday the following statement through New Canaan Police:

“Four weeks have elapsed since Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared. None of this feels real. We tell ourselves that this kind of nightmare happens to people in stories, not to those we know and love. 

“But this situation is real, and it is dire. Each passing day intensifies the impact of this tragedy on Jennifer’s children, who have not seen their mother—the guiding presence in their lives—in 28 days. 

“The New Canaan and Connecticut State police are working around the clock to find Jennifer and to solve the mystery of her disappearance. We are immensely grateful for their dedication. Thank you also to the greater New Canaan and Farmington-Avon communities, who have buoyed our spirits with their support and solidarity.

“Many people have asked for more details about Jennifer, as a person, a mom, a friend. Jennifer is brilliant and creative—she graduated with honors from Brown University and earned an MFA in writing from NYU. As a teen, she was a nationally ranked junior squash player. Much more important, Jennifer is a deeply genuine person, compassionate and trustworthy. She is also subtly hilarious. She loves silly movies as much as she loves great literature. An avid traveler, she delights in learning about other people and has imbued her five children with this love of discovery. She cares about her children more than anything in the world. 

“Please know that the kids are safe and surrounded with love. They are embodying what Jennifer has taught them: to support each other with unity. “If she could see them right now, she would be extremely proud.”

We ask that if you have any information about Jennifer’s disappearance, her whereabouts, or any events in between, call the New Canaan police tip line at (203) 594-3544 or email FindJenniferDulos@newcanaanct.gov. Your identity will be protected. Please help find Jennifer. Thank you.

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