Letter from Staying Put: Use the New ‘Volunteer Shopper Program’

To the residents of New Canaan,

With the cases of coronavirus actively increasing in our town, I am writing to encourage all seniors not to go the grocery store where you could be exposed to this new virus, putting you at higher risk of becoming ill, or where you may be endangering others. Instead, participate in the Volunteer Shopper Program, a partnership between the town and Walter Stewart’s Market. This action is critical to the health and safety of our seniors, but also in the best interest of all town residents. 

The CDC has repeatedly stated that, “Older adults and people with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness.” While it is difficult to calculate the number of cases in the United States at this time, early analysis shows that an estimated 60% of victims requiring hospitalization have been adults age 65 and older. 

An important part of our work at Staying Put is providing social activities for seniors. So I recognize that, for some, a trip to the grocery store is a social outing. The store is a welcoming environment and affords an opportunity to see friends.