Letter: ‘Shaken and Dismayed’ By Criticism of Outback Volunteers

Dear Editor,

I get it! The powers that be do not want a teen center in New Canaan and the building is being torn down. What I don’t get is why some also need to tear down the people who created and nurtured the organization. As a 33-year citizen of New Canaan and a volunteer with several nonprofits, I really am shaken and dismayed that any elected official would choose to try openly in meetings and the press well-meaning volunteers for their efforts on behalf of children and their families. Why is it necessary to besmirch someone’s reputation because previous choices did not work and we face difficult decisions?

Letter: Aquarion Land Sale Is An Opportunity for the Town To Protect Open Space

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest last week of the proposed sale and subdivision of 18 acres of Aquarion Water Company Land adjoining Indian Waters Drive, Thurton Drive and Welles Lane. This announcement strikes me as an excellent opportunity for the Town of New Canaan and the New Canaan Land Trust together to put into action their commitment to protecting open space in our community. A public-private partnership to preserve this specific wildlife sanctuary and to protect an even larger contiguous green belt of land would be so wise and forward thinking. As past Director of the New Canaan Nature Center and a conservationist at heart, I am keenly aware of the challenges of managing open space, but I also know the irrefutable benefits of protecting undisturbed land for all creatures. Undeveloped spaces in a community increase the livability and enhance property values.