Letter: Allow the Preservationists To Restore the ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’


In the spirit of the season it is so cheerful to see the sad, antique Mead Park Brick Barn sporting that lovely wreath. Thanks to the person who so thoughtfully placed it there. Several thoughts with regard to the barn dilemma: 

In order to meet the very expensive “needs” of our community our town is faced with having to raise the mill rate to compensate for lower values of our homes and property. Happy Holidays to all! Our elected officials can change their minds and better allocate the $65,000 allotted for the proposed demolition to a more necessary purpose.

Letter: Andrew Brooks for Town Treasurer

There has been a boatload of misinformation propounded by the Democratic candidate for town treasurer and his supporters regarding the role of the town treasurer. This approach appears to be intended to mislead the voters about the integrity of Treasurer Andrew Brooks, who in my opinion has done a superlative job protecting New Canaan’s tax dollars. As mandated by state statute, the treasurer has general oversight of town receipts and expenses, signs authorized checks, and approves bond issues. By contrast, the Finance Department is responsible for accounting, payroll and benefits, budget development, internal controls, financial reporting and debt management. In effect, the treasurer manages the town’s cash but is not responsible for nor manages the town’s accounting and financial reporting functions.

Letter: Town Council Candidate Roy Abramowitz Has Key Professional Experience

Voters of New Canaan,

This caucus to endorse candidates is not a popularity contest, although some of what I have read is filled with very nice compliments regardless of the skills or past experience of the party involved. Past elections have given us good people with great intentions but we have, due to the lack of expertise, found ourselves faced with problems, especially financial that have taken much work to resolve. In Roy Abramowitz we have a man with years of experience in working with financial matters, past, present and future. He is a man of integrity, a tireless volunteer for community, the Greenwich Council of the BSA, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, etc. He was a pioneer in the establishment of the town’s Audit Committee and instrumental in establishing the guidelines for its operating procedures.