Letter: Support New Canaan Library’s ‘Bustling and Vibrant’ Rebuilding Plans

As New Canaan residents for 25 years and local business owners we are proud to support a new, New Canaan Library. This exciting project will transform our library into a modern, LEED certified, 48,000-square-foot learning and community center right in the heart of town. The building design is a culmination of many years of careful planning and community input and will answer the growing demand for varied and innovative programming and learning opportunities that the old, failing building cannot support. In the modern digital world, libraries have changed or need to change to remain the center of community learning. Libraries are no longer simply a collection of books, but centers for learning supported by educational and cultural programming and the facilities to showcase the programming.

Letter: Eliminating Train Service to New Canaan Is Not the Answer

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you today as a 23 year resident and owner of a small business (elm restaurant) in New Canaan. This email letter is an appeal to ask for caution in how the Connecticut Department of Transportation decides to go about handling its budget gap. Cutting off-peak service to the New Canaan spur is not the answer! New Canaan is a vibrant, small town of 20,000-plus people. Many of our residents commute to New York City for work and depend on train service during peak and off peak times.