Letter: New Canaan Should Re-Elect Moynihan and Williams

The citizens of New Canaan should re-elect Kevin Moynihan as First Selectman and Nick Williams as Selectman for the Town of New Canaan. On November 5th our community will have the opportunity to show our support for the continued leadership of Moynihan and Williams. The duo has already proven their ability to work together with a balanced approach in order to drive our town forward. Their accomplishments to date are numerous, and it is imperative that we allow them to continue and complete their positive initiatives. Kevin and Nick have lived in our town for more than 20 years each and have an intimate understanding of how town government works. Their years of service in numerous capacities of government, school and volunteer organizations gives them a strong appreciation of what matters most to their constituents.

Op-Ed: No Regrets as New Athletic Complex Serves New Canaan Community

On Monday, we celebrated the new Water Tower II and III fields with a photo of all who helped to get the project completed, together with youth athletes from various sports that have already started to benefit from the additional turf space. 

But my celebration had come on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018. On that day I walked to my car parked in the lot next to Dunning Field following my son’s JV football game on Water Tower 1. I stopped and took a picture of the activity on the new Water Tower 2&3 fields. Following four straight days of rain, youth programs from soccer, to football to field hockey were all practicing on the new fields.

Letter: First Selectman Should Remain Chairman of the Board of Finance

On Nov. 8, our community will be asked to consider changes to the Board of Finance. Having worked extensively with various local government bodies and directly with the first selectman as part of the renovation of Dunning Stadium, and in planning for the continued development of athletic facilities in town, I am strongly opposed to these changes. In late May a number of community-minded leaders were brought together to address an urgent need to have the surface of Dunning Stadium at the high school replaced. Dunning was deemed by turf professionals to be imminently close to the end of its useful life.