Letter: New Canaan Should Re-Elect Moynihan and Williams

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The citizens of New Canaan should re-elect Kevin Moynihan as First Selectman and Nick Williams as Selectman for the Town of New Canaan.

On November 5th our community will have the opportunity to show our support for the continued leadership of Moynihan and Williams. The duo has already proven their ability to work together with a balanced approach in order to drive our town forward. Their accomplishments to date are numerous, and it is imperative that we allow them to continue and complete their positive initiatives.

Kevin and Nick have lived in our town for more than 20 years each and have an intimate understanding of how town government works. Their years of service in numerous capacities of government, school and volunteer organizations gives them a strong appreciation of what matters most to their constituents. Importantly, they also understand the nuances of town operations which are vital towards actually getting initiatives and projects complete for the benefit of our town. 

I have been most impressed with the team’s push toward the establishment of public-private partnerships. The Town of New Canaan has a deep roster of residents that want to contribute both time and financial resources for the betterment of our town. Public-private partnerships like the ones established for the library and the athletic facilities provide a framework to capture those resources. That will ultimately be reflected in our property values and our quality of life. New Canaan is moving in the right direction and we need Moynihan and Williams to keep us on that path.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Benevento

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