Letter: Waveny Should Be ‘Our Community’s Choice’ To Develop Senior Housing

I am Rich Townsend 34 White Oak Shade Road, New Canaan. For full disclosure, I am also a member of the Waveny Board of Directors where I served as the treasurer until going on leave about one year ago. In addition I also serve as a vice chairman of the Town Council. I want to endorse the development of Oenoke Ridge. 

When Waveny LifeCare Network was started in 1975, it was envisioned as a local nonprofit health services organization focused on the needs of our community. As our nation’s and community’s demographics have shifted, so have our health and housing needs.

Letter: Kevin Moynihan for First Selectman

Kevin Moynihan has done an excellent job in his two years as First Selectman. His record of accomplishments is outstanding. He has earned another two years at the helm. Kevin has made progress on the problems that have nagged the town for years. He has improved parking availability, made natural gas a reality, and progressed cell phone coverage. 

Kevin has attacked the sustainability of the town and low utilization of the town buildings.

Letter: Current Environment Favors Kevin Moynihan for First Selectman

Our first selectman candidates and our voters seem to agree on the major issues of the election: limiting spending and taxes, lack of parking, and getting 20th century cell service. Whatever the election’s outcome, I am glad that both of our first selectman candidates will sit on the Board of Selectmen. The question is who will be in the leadership position. Our infrastructure projects require negotiating with large corporations with bottomless budgets for clever, hardnosed lawyers. Kevin’s professional experience was in dealing with corporations of this heft and power.

Op-Ed: Giving with a Soft Heart and Hard Head

My heart goes out to all of the Texans battling Hurricane Harvey and its vicious aftermath. It has been so moving to see the images of bravery and generosity. When the waters are rising fast, there is no age, no race, and no gender. From the Cajun Navy to Marines volunteering for the Xena Project to bring in stranded horses from neighboring ranches, this is America at its very best. From a distance, I want to be able to help so badly, but I want to use my head as well as my heart to be as effective and efficient as possible.