Full Disclosure: Spot On

I suffer from a little known, debilitating condition—‘PPA,’ parallel parking anxiety. Randy, my instructor from New Canaan’s Lewis School of Driving, diagnosed the affliction in 1990. To this day, should a spot open up on Elm Street that requires parallel parking, I white-knuckle the steering wheel and give myself a pep talk. I will never effortlessly glide into a parallel spot—especially when judgemental outdoor diners have front-row seats to my humiliation. If only I had a hologram-like Obi-Wan Kenobi version of Randy to calm me, I’d probably get past my parking issues.

Full Disclosure: Call It a Comeback

I blame my multi-year yoga hiatus on the CrossFit craze. ‘Workout of the Day’ posts were overwhelming my social media feeds. The enthusiasm for weightlifting, burpees and lady-muscles was unrelenting. I abandoned the self-love of yoga to abuse myself through masochistic forms of exercise. I didn’t have enough courage to join CrossFit per se, so I signed up for group powerlifting classes.

Full Disclosure: Zombies, Detours and Pipeline Dreams

Transitions are hard and change is often difficult for creatures of habit like me. There is enough uncertainty in the world, so I like to keep a few things consistent—sometimes to a fault. For much of my adult life, my guilty pleasure was red wine. Even on a steamy hot summer night, I would opt for a hearty goblet of room temperature Cabernet. After years of indulging, red wine started to give me intense migraines. Yet, fully in denial, I would carry on, afraid to break up with my vino.

Full Disclosure: Shut The Front Door

As a child of the 1970s, I am a mix of inconsistencies and contradictions. I am a feminist, but I am not opposed to making my husband do man-oriented, manly, man-chores. I am a conservationist, mostly when it’s convenient. I am an environmentalist, when I have the energy, or if someone is watching. Politically, I am a liberal-conservative, or a moderate-liberal.